Seminar Programme

Day 1 – Tuesday 25th October 2022

 10:00 am Carpet Cleaning to industry standard
Paul Pritchard, Training Manager, Cleaning Systems LTD

This presentation will follow an open forum (audience participation style) and deal with important aspects of the ANSI/IICRC S100 and AS/NZS 3733:2018 carpet Cleaning standards and why a science based approach rather than an anecdotal one in carpet cleaning is so important. Paul will be encouraging any questions from the audience relating to approved methods of cleaning, troubleshooting any cleaning issues, stains or anything related to the correct cleaning of carpet or upholstery and fabric. He will be promoting the Carpet Cleaners Association of NZ.
 11:15 am The Latest on Pest Control Training
Paul Pritchard, Training Manager, Cleaning Systems

There has been a significant change in legislative requirements around who can perform professional Pest Control since 2017. There has also been a paradigm shift in how Pest Control Technican’s are trained. With the increasing use of Live Stream, as well as In-person and workplace training the Pest Control Sector has embraced these very accessible forms of training. In addition learning incentives such as the governments TTAF apprenticeship scheme now provides generous subsidies for those wanting to enter this Sector. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions as to what is required legally in the Pest Control industry and any pest control issues in general.
 12:00 pm Labour Shortage: finding (and keeping) cleaners
Andre Reynolds, Founder, Grow@

Finding cleaners in a tight labour market has become difficult, and is set to become an increasing constraint on operational growth over the coming years. Contractors, and the industry as a whole, need to consider a different approach to recruiting and retaining workers. Pay and conditions are important, but these are just part of the overall employment value proposition (EVP) that the industry has to offer.
Repositioning the EVP, attracting workers from non-traditional labour pools, and enabling different ways of engaging with candidates is vital. In addition, reviewing the various approaches that could be used to retain employees are important considerations that will directly impact future operational viability.
 1:30 pm ACC, General Invoicing, Experience Rating, Return to Work
Sue McMaster, Strategic Business Customer Partner & Peter Oxley, Team Manager, ACC

We will touch on our digital platform, MyACC for Business, which enables business owners to access their invoicing, set up payment plans, and view any work related claims for their employees. Helping employers understand their invoice, and the impact Experience Rating can have on their levy. The Return to Work section will step through the process of helping their employee to recover at work and how ACC provides support.
 2:30 pm The impact of COVID-19 on the Cleaning sector: a workforce development response
Nicky Murray, Research Lead & Adele McLean, Manager Strategy And Government Relations, ServiceIQ

In this interactive session, we outline the purpose of the Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project, a TEC-funded project that brings together service sector stakeholders, including those from the cleaning sector, to reflect on how COVID-19 has reshaped business, and to tell us what people and skills, training, and learning pathways they need for their future success.

We present industry data and high-level findings from the research that was conducted with cleaning sectors stakeholders. We will seek your feedback on these findings, to better inform the Sector Skills Summary that will be prepared for the cleaning sector.
 3:30 pm Lets get home safe tonight
Wendy Stephens, Project & Audit Manager, Sappho Creative Solutions

Wendy is presenting in her capacity as the CleanSweep™ awards Judge for 2021. Wendy has 20 years’ experience in commercial cleaning contract management, working with customers such as Auckland Council, Genesis Energy, Kaipara District Council and Ockham Residential. Her work covered monthly reviews of contractor’s performance, quality control, health and safety and running contract meetings. During Wendy’s career she has been involved in quality control, cost reviews and health and safety reviews. Auditing of cleaning and hygiene contracts to ensure KPI’s are meet, quality assurance and health and safety are maintained. Wendy has a particular passion for health and safety in the commercial cleaning environment. During her presentation she will discuss some of her key findings from her judging work for the CleanSweep™ awards, while also covering what best practice in the Commercial Cleaning industry looks like. Followed by a questions and answers time.

Day 2 – Wednesday 26th October 2022

 9:00 am Mental Health: Building Resilience for Your People
Caroline Wilson,CEO, A-OK.NZ

In Association With FMANZ

Mental distress is all too common in New Zealand, with levels continuing to trend upwards. As a manager, you will be aware of how vital mental wellbeing is to the overall wellbeing of your people, their communities as well as the culture of your workplace and the productivity and success of your organisation. We encourage senior FMs and leaders within the commercial cleaning sector to recognise the key role they play within their organisations in tackling this silent pandemic. Caroline will present a multi-level response approach to ensure your teams recognise signs of distress and know how to respond appropriately.

This Workshop session is brought to you by FMANZ and is complimentary to all BSC members. If you are not a member and would like to attend then please register at the website
 12:30 pm Worksafe: Work with the Meat Industry Ass Commercial Cleaning H&S
Julie-Ann Mail, Engagement Lead, WorkSafe New Zealand

Julie-Ann is passionate about raising levels of health and safety in the workplace. Julie-Ann is WorkSafe’s Engagement and Harm prevention programme lead for the Manufacturing sector, and has a background in senior level project management and engagement.
 1:30 pm Employment Law update
Paul McBride, Partner, McBride Davenport James

We will provide an update on the changes made/imposed by Parliament: Triangular employment relationships; the Holidays Act and Fair Pay agreements. We will also touch on recent developments in the Courts, including about the contractor/employee distinction (if there is one) and developments under Part 6A.
 2:30 pm Update from MBIE Labour Inspectorate
Callum McMillan, Labour Inspectorate Regional Manager, Ministry Of Business, Innovation And Employment

The presentation will provide an overview of cases involving cleaning operators investigated by the Labour Inspectorate and discuss common compliance issues we encounter. We shall also look at changes to work visa requirements and upcoming ‘duty to prevent’ legislation. We will touch on end-to-end assurance processes and what support is available to help employers maintain compliance.