Introducing the Cleaning Activity Levels (CAL): An innovative model for specifying cleaning standards

The Cleaning Activity Levels (CAL) is an innovative way to document cleaning standards, and accurately measure the outcomes. Presenter Bridget Gardner, will be introducing CAL for the first time at CleanNZ.

The CAL model was developed to address the problem of overly-complex, prescriptive, and unrealistic cleaning specifications, and to prevent disputes about differing expectations and acceptable levels of clean.

Bridget will demonstrate how you can use this radically simple model to:

  • Simplify the way we communicate cleaning duties,
  • Provide a consistent and objective auditing framework,
  • Focus the cleaner’s efforts more efficiently


Bridget Gardner, Director of Fresh Green Clean

As director of Fresh Green Clean, Bridget Gardner is considered one of Australia’s leading sustainable cleaning expert. Bridget is passionate about raising cleaning standards and the perceived value of cleaning workers. Bridget has been providing cleaning training and consulting services to commercial cleaning companies and facilities managers, Australia-wide since 2008.

Bridget is the technical expert in cleaning to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and was a director of the former Construction and Property Sector Industry Skills Council (CPSISC). She is a regular contributor to INCLEAN magazine and other industry journals and an experienced and dynamic presenter.