Seminar Programme

Day 1 Wednesday 15th September

 10:00 am Carpet Cleaning to industry standard
Paul Pritchard, Cleaning Systems LTD
 11:15 am So your interested in Pest Control?
Paul Pritchard, Cleaning Systems LTD
 12:00 pm Cleaning Recruitment & Employment Relations
Andre Reynolds, Grow
 1:30 pm ACC; Experience Rating; Next Generation Case Management; Return to Work (and Recovery at Work)
Rebecca Mitchell
 2:30 pm The impact of COVID-19 on the Cleaning sector: a workforce development response
Nicky Murray & Adele McLean, ServiceIQ

In this interactive session, we outline the purpose of the Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project, a TEC-funded project that brings together service sector stakeholders, including those from the cleaning sector, to reflect on how COVID-19 has reshaped business, and to tell us what people and skills, training, and learning pathways they need for their future success.

We present industry data and high-level findings from the research that was conducted with cleaning sectors stakeholders. We will seek your feedback on these findings, to better inform the Sector Skills Summary that will be prepared for the cleaning sector.
 3:30 pm BSCNZ CleanSweep Awards Judge; focus on health & safety within the Commercial Cleaning industry
Wendy Stephens, Sappho Creative Solutions

Day 2 Thursday 16th September

 9:00 am TBC
 12:30 pm Worksafe: Work with the Meat Industry Ass Commercial Cleaning H&S
 1:30 pm Employment Law update
Paul McBride, McBride Davenport James
 2:30 pm Update from MBIE Labour Inspectorate
Callum McMillian