Educational Program 2014

  • Thursday 29th May

    8.30am-10.30am 15 Secrets to creating killer website and online presence Simon Cope, Marketing Consultant
    This practical 2 hour information packed workshop identifies the core secrets that are crucial in the process of establishing a successful online presence and gives step by step details on how to build and market your website to guarantee that it achieves its objectives. You’ll also learn strategies to mitigate their effects if they are already plaguing your website. This course is ideal for any one in the cleaning industry from 1-person operation thru to large multi-office cleaning companies involved in developing a new site or improving the experience of an existing site. You will benefit from learning about the various practices available. $85+GST 
    11.00am-12.00pm Delivering real bottom line benefits through innovative solutions David Johnson, International Business Development BSC sector (Diversey)
    The single biggest cost in the BSC industry is labour. Innovative solutions are being introduced to the market that let the BSC providers significantly reduce their labour requirements. These innovations have been proven to reduce labour costs up to 30% and chemical costs up to 40%. By focusing on supply chain improvements, range rationalisation, reduced packaging and transport costs, better dilution control, safe handling, simplified systems, reduction in training requirements, and faster and more efficient solutions Diversey Care can show you how to deliver real bottom line benefits. $45+GST 
    12.00pm-1.00pm Taking the fear out of employing people Samantha Gadd, HR Expert (HR Shop)
    Employing people can be scary. Some would say it is one of the hardest things about running a business! Understanding your legal obligations including how to use the trial period will provide you with the confidence you need. Samantha Gadd, Founder of HR Shop will share some expertise and insights to make the process of employing people that little bit easier. $45+GST 
    1.00pm-2.00pm Achieving optimum cleaning standards – a pathway to excellence Gabby Irvine RN, CIC, Bug Control – Infection Control & Prevention
    Do you know the standards you need to follow and achieve to meet best practice cleaning standards? What documentation should be maintained for your cleaning services? Do you need surveillance and quality improvement activities in place? Are staff skills and knowledge important? If so, what does the staff need to know?This presentation will identify common problems observed in cleaning services during environmental audits of the cleaning service sector in a variety of settings, conducted during the last 10 years. It will describe key strategies to achieve best practice and optimum cleaning standards to set your service above all others. $45+GST 
    2.00pm-3.00pm Skills training in the cleaning industry Penny Rogers, Account Leader, Careerforce Penny Barrett, Business Development consultant, Careerforce, Andrew Saunders, Client Engagement Manager, Careerforce. Careerforce are the Industry Training Organisation for the health, mental health, aged support, disability, social services, youth work, cleaning and pest management industries. We strive to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders through workforce training.Join us for an interactive seminar where we will take you through:

    • our new, efficient integrated training and assessment package
    • supporting literacy needs in the industry.
    • funding available to support training and assessment.

    Penny Rogers, Account Leader, and Penny Barrett, Business Development Consultant, are both actively working with your industry to promote, support and facilitate workplace training.



    Friday 30th May

    10.00am-12.00pm Workshop 
    Infection prevention in Cleaning Services Susan Elder OAM, Bug Control (Aust), Infection Control Advisory ServiceWith the increase in outbreaks of gastroenteritis, influenza, measles, whooping cough and a myriad of multi resistant organisms, cleaning personnel are at increased risk of catching and spreading infection. It is important that you understand your responsibilities for workplace health and safety to protect your staff and clients. This two hour, easy to understand, workshop outlines the most important infection prevention and control strategies to keep your staff and clients safe from infection transmission. $85+GST 
    12.15pm-1.15pm Creating an Exceptional Workplace in the Office Building Aiden Boyce, Regional Platform Leader (Kimberly-Clark Professional)
    Your organisation understands and values the importance of excellence and image. To stay at the top, continuous improvement is necessary. Kimberly-Clark will show you how to achieve that simply and effectively in your business. Kimberly-Clark Professional has a vision that places its customers, its employees and its aspirations at the centre of everything it does. The company’s vision is to work with customers who believe in creating an exceptional workplace. Aiden will discuss these areas to help you create a healthy workplace in your organisation. $45+GST
    1.30pm-2.30pm Technical advice on cleaning new generation carpet fibres and avoiding some old problemsTim Warner, Relationship Manager (Cleaning Systems)
    This session will offer some technical advice on these carpet fibres and how best to clean them including the chemistry and methodology for the following.

    • Sonora
    • Flotex
    • The latest in carpet tiles
    • Dealing with wick-back (resoiling) in polypropylene carpet