How to exhibit?

  • Unquestionably exhibitions are a key part of your marketing mix. Exhibitions are an extremely useful source of purchasing information and they allow you to meet directly and interactively the most active players of your market.

    All your marketing goals could be reached at the same time during an exhibition.

    Get ready for the show

    Try to establish goals that you want to achieve: launch a new product, make sales, create brand awareness, and lead generations … Do not hesitate to define very specifically your goals and to rank them.

    Find the right people to create the show team and brief them so that they can deliver the right message to attendees.

    Design your stand and tailor it to your specific audience. Your stand should deliver the right message to attendees in order to achieve your goals at the show. The 3 seconds rule: Does your stand deliver the right message in 3 seconds?

    Communicate about your attendance at the show. Piggyback messages: put footer on your emails with the show logo, link to the show website on your websites, mail or email your existing customers and prospect …

    Increase your presence at the show thanks to sponsorship opportunities.


    At the show

    Motivate and inform your stand staff: a highly motivated and informed team makes the difference. Do a daily debrief to remind your goals, your key messages and the role of each member of your team.
    Do not forget body language: smiles, eye contact and behaviour.

    Welcome them with open questions, spend the optimum of time with visitors: just enough that get lead.
    Focus on your key targets so that you can achieve your goals.

    Collect information (business cards, contacts details but even more data about your visitors, customers’ concerns, questions …)

    Earn media coverage.


    Get benefits from the show

    Debrief with the stand team: what worked and what did not? Have you achieved your goals? and why?

    Do an assessment of the show: measure your results and track the leads. The value of an exhibition can be assessed 3, 6 even 9 months later. Write also a final report to summarize the results of your attendance at the show and to share it with people from your company.

    A thank you email, information requested at the show, registration to your newsletter, a special offer for people that attended the show… Ensure you follow up all leads!
    You can also send a mailing to the attendees you did not meet at the show.

    For more information, please visit the Exhibition & Event Association of Australia website.